Quick Canvas Printing

Quick Canvas Printing Los AngelesFor large-format display of photos or artwork, canvas easily surpasses what paper printing offers in terms of looks, durability, and versatility. Whereas the limits of early printing processes ruled out canvas as an option, modern digital printing makes this a viable and popular choice for consumers. Here is a look at what canvas offers in several aspects and how this process can be customized at our print shop in Los Angeles.

Simple Display

Paper prints can require a complex and expensive framing process before being suitable for long-term wall display, but the products of our quick canvas printing eliminate this issue. Printed canvas is frequently stretched over a simple wood frame and stapled in place just as canvas paintings have been since antiquity. This process is faster and more affordable compared to glass framing.

Ideal for Art Reproduction

The luxurious texture of canvas can enhance the effect of artwork, and this quality is easily lost in reproduction on paper. By choosing canvas, this timeless texture remains for viewers to appreciate. Furthermore, even artwork not originally produced on canvas can benefit visually from our quick canvas printing services.

Professional Appearance

When a print is destined for display in an office or other professional environment, it should have an accordingly clean appearance. Mounted canvas prints have a minimalistic charm that can mesh perfectly with these settings.

Options for Canvas Customization

The results of our quick canvas printing can be customized in several ways. An array of inks can be used, ensuring that the results will convey the intended colors. We can also apply different finishes, including matte and gloss, to give the desired appearance and match the intended display setting. Many sizes of canvas are also available. Thanks to digital resizing, customers can even have the same photo or artwork reproduced in multiple sizes.

Our quick canvas printing works well for photos, artwork, and other graphics intended for display. Because canvas can be displayed without glass framing, it also can be considerably more affordable. Los Angeles companies and consumers can contact our print office to learn more about our options for canvas and other rush printing services.

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