Same Day Large Format Banner Printing

Same Day Large Format Banner Printing Los AngelesOften used for temporary large-format advertising, banners are available in multiple materials and offer many graphic options thanks to digital design and printing. Companies use larger banners indoors and outdoors to announce openings, sales and other events. In many cases, banners also allow for easy storage and re-use at a future date. Below, you can learn more about popular uses for our same day large format banner printing and the options that come with this service at our Los Angeles print office.

How Clients Use Large Banners

The versatility of banners shines for permanent and temporary promotional purposes. For store openings, companies may display very large banners alongside their permanent signage to maximize exposure. During sales, banners can be hung above product displays or in storefront windows to boost attention from buyers. Events at which banners are commonly used include trade conventions, concerts and more.

Material Options for Banners

Our same day large format banner printing includes multiple material choices. Paper can be an effective low-cost choice for banners that will be used temporarily and indoors. Vinyl, a more durable option, is often best for outdoor banners, which need to resist damage from weather and sun exposure. Clients can also have banners printed on canvas, which can be ideal for storing and re-using later.

Design and Production of Banners

Our in-house designers can create completely new banner designs or work from previously created designs. Photos and artwork, including logos and product images, can be included on banners. Large-format text, such as contact information, can be included as desired. Clients can have our same day large format banner printing performed on an individual basis or in volume and can have multiple banners made to complement each other in the field.

Banners need to be big for massive exposure, but they also must be designed well to build business. Clients can count on a finished product that meets and exceeds their requirements when they visit our printing office in Los Angeles for banners. Clients can contact our print office to learn more about our same day large format banner printing and related services.

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